To change the way people communicate remotely

Balaji Krishnan
founder + ceo

DabKick grew from challenges I saw in remote communication with my family and friends.

My experience: developing operating systems to database kernels to iPhone apps, plus over a decade of developer work at Sun, HP, and Oracle before creating and selling my first start up — a pioneering technology in Mobile-to-TV. I love chess, ping pong, and coffee.

Emily Templeton


A recent college grad with a bachelor's in music composition. Experience: event marketing and social media, college and youth camp, human resources, private event planning and coordination, film scoring, artist management, customer service and support, directing recreational activities. I enjoy my dog, spending time with my family and friends, and singing with the Symphony Silicon Valley Chorale.

Gopal Panchanathan
My experience: Managed research portfolios and led innovations at Xerox/PARC, Compaq Research, Rackable Systems and Amdahl for over 25 years. Prior to DabKick, I co-founded ThinkOptics, Inc that created award winning consumer products with patented 3D navigation technology to transform TV interactivity in the living room. I enjoy reading widely, from history to economics to evolutionary psychology. I relish long conversations. I love listening to, and playing, Tabla. I cherish my time with family.

Yuan Chang


I work on Android and iOS app development, build databases, crack code challenges, maintain server scripts, while keeping sharp on Java, Objective-C, C/C++, PHP, HTML, and javascript. To unwind, I enjoy chess, swimming, and basketball. My Chinese name means ‘Start Thriving’ while my American name, Anthony, means I like tomatoes and pasta.



PlugAndPlay Ventures

Digital Garage

Visionnaire Ventures

GVA Capital

PointGrey Ventures

DabKick advisors include Chris Yeh, VP of Marketing, PBworks and former CEO of UStream; Ranjith Kumaran, Founder of PunchTab and Cofounder of YouSendIt; Jason Kirk, Global Head of Business Development- ZEFR/MovieClips; and Gen Isayama, partner at DCMand board member of AHAlife, Smith & Tinker, Pokelabo, and others.