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iOS App Developer

You are educated in computer science or something like that, and proficient in Objective-C, or good with C-based languages. You know the iOS SDK. You have experience with client-server apps and with debugging and profiling tools. Show us examples of iOS applications you wrote, even if unreleased. You have a good heart and you play nice.

DabKick Intern
We’d like smart people. If we can’t get that we’ll take candidates from a good university. Really, we just want you to be prehensile. Maybe you’re educated in computer science or similar. iOS experience is a plus. HTML 5, CSS, Ajax, Java Script knowledge is a boon. You’ll learn a lot about iPhone and web development.

Web Developer
Basic knowledge of HTML 5, CSS, Ajax, Java Script is a good place to start. Experience in creating websites for mobile browsers and touch technology would be very helpful. Knowledge in websockets and node.js is wonderful as is curiosity and ability to climb trees.